"Nano-sized" CBD better than Regular CBD

We partner with the world’s leading company in NanoTechnology in order to use the highest absorbing and bioavailable CBD on the market. Their company mission is simply stated:

Our Mission:
“To produce the highest quality water-soluble phytocannabinoid based Nanoemulsions in the world.”

“Nano-sized” means that the size of the CBD molecule is made to be tiny — to make it 4X better absorption.

The particle size of the regular CBD molecule is 1000 to 2000 nanometers in diameter — as with CBD oils. We put our PureForm CBD™ through a nano-emulsification process to reduce the size only 10 to 50 nanometers in diameter. This 50X to 100X reduction in size allows “Nano-sized” CBD to be water soluble and thus giving it over 4X better bio-availability, which means faster and more complete absorption compared to regular sized CBD.

A proprietary process called Cyclic Terpene Assembly (CTA) is used to derive bio-identical CBD from the terpenes naturally present in the peels of citrus fruits to produce PureForm CBD™, which is the key ingredient in TUNE UP.

There’s no difference between the Citrus-Derived CBD in TUNE UP’s PureForm CBD™ and cannabis-derived CBD. PureForm CBD™ molecules are exactly the same as the CBD molecules found in cannabis-derived CBD, but at the same time, they’re free from the legal and sourcing concerns that are plaguing the hemp-based CBD industry.

Why is "Nano-sized" CBD better than Regular CBD?

“Nano-sized” CBD is 50 to 100 times SMALLER than Regular CBD… so it is water soluble and thus giving it over 4X better bio-availability, which means faster and more complete and better absorption compared to regular sized CBD.

Traditional Oil

1.000 ~ 2.000 Nanometers
Insoluble in Water
Bioavailability: Poor

Liposomal Microemulsion

100 ~ 1.000 Nanometers
Appearance: Milky
Bioavailability: Low


10 ~ 100 Nanometers
Appearance: Translucent
Bioavailability: High

“In a nut shell, it’s the process used to reduce the size of particles into much smaller sizes”

Absorption Profiles

Before CBD reaches the circulatory system, enzymes in the gut wall and liver break down the CBD which reduces its concentration significantly before sending the leftovers into the bloodstream.

nanoemulsions overcome this and enter a person’s system much faster and in a more consistent manner.

When taking a 10 mg serving of CBD Oil less than 1 mg actually makes it into a person’s system, and absorption of Nano is significantly higher.


Pharmacokinetic Profile of Cannabidiol Blood Concentration over Time Edibles Absorption Profile

Nanoemulsions will start entering a person’s system in about 10 minutes cs 20-60 minutes for oil-based products.