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Serious MMA Fighters know this simple formula:


Why do so many MMA Fighters use CBD?

“CBD helps with the healing process, the inflammation, and stuff like that. You want to do this before and after a fight, during training, it will make your life a better place.”

MMA fighters are now using CBD as a natural, safe, and legal way to improve their recovery.

In particular, CBD has given MMA fighters an excellent alternative to opioids for pain management. CBD is not notoriously addictive like opioids and does not come with a host of negative side-effects.

In addition, CBD has many additional health benefits, such as the ability to speed up recovery by reducing inflammation and potentially even help with brain damage.

Pain Management

Effective pain management is essential for MMA fighters. It is no secret that you sign on for pain as an MMA fighter. MMA is a contact sport that often leads to serious injury, and CBD is a great natural pain management tool. It helps relieve pain just as well as pain medication – but without the adverse side effects.

Reduces Inflammation

Pain and inflammation go hand in hand, and typically, where there is pain, there will be inflammation. This can often result in an injury, and the inflammation is there to help protect the injured area from more damage.

CBD is a great natural alternative to modern anti-inflammatories, so it can treat pain and inflammation at the same time. MMA fighters experience constant inflammation, but continual use of over-the-counter anti-inflammatories can cause lasting damage to your internal organs – CBD provides a great alternative.

Helps With Joint Pain

Many MMA fighters struggle with joint pain because of the constant impact on their joints, whether it is in their arms, legs, or backs. Joint pain can be tricky to deal with because you cannot see it topically or superficially. Physiotherapists cannot easily relieve joint pain since they focus on helping MMA fighters with muscle pain or injuries. CBD offers MMA fighters extensive joint pain relief, and again, CBD works well on relieving pain without causing long-term adverse effects of other medications.

Relaxes The Muscles

CBD is commonly used as a muscle recovery agent for MMA fighters, and this is because of just how effective it is at relaxing the muscles. Many physiotherapists have started to include CBD-infused lotions and oils in their massage treatments for athletes because they help with muscle recovery and relaxing muscles after injury. Muscle relaxation is crucial for injury recovery because the tension in muscles can inhibit the recovery process.

Helps With Endurance

The last and final reason CBD can help MMA fighters recover from injuries is that it can help with endurance. CBD can increase endurance by increasing both your focus and your energy – and when you have better stamina you can endure longer periods of exertion without this misfortune of injury.

How do ADAPTOGENS also improve your performance?

“I really hope that all fighters and other athletes will use CBD instead of painkillers. What I want to say is that if there would have been CBD available during my prime time, I might not have become addicted to painkillers. CBD is really an amazing compound. You don’t get addicted, it really helps manage pain and it’s actually healthy for you.”

ADAPTOGENS are a class of natural herbs (that have been used for centuries in Chinese and Indian Medicine) that literally help the body to adapt, adjust and recalibrate itself depending on emotional and physical surroundings.

Adaptogens are perfect for serious athletes because they help your body to adapt, adjust and recalibrate based on your present condition. They help the body resist stressors of all kinds, whether physical, chemical or biological.

They do this through stabilization of physiological processes and promotion of homeostasis (the condition of optimal functioning of an organism). They also help to reduce stress and anxiety to make you feel great… and perform sensationally.

Tune Up Will Help You Perform Better

Tune Up reduces stress and anxiety, while sharpening mental clarity

Calm CONFIDENCE to perform your best.

Have STAMINA all the way.

Full COMMITMENT through the finish.

Why is Citrus CBD better than Hemp CBD?

See how Tune Up Energy stacks up against cannabis & hemp plant alternatives.

Citrus-Derived CBD

Hemp-Derived CBD

49% of CBD Products tested by the FDA contained amounts of THC that was Over The Limit

TUNE UP contains PureForm CBD™ – the Purest CBD on the planet!

PureForm CBD™ is the only CBD brand that has been certified by Clean Label Project with 3 prestigious awards that verify its unmatched purity of 99.5%+ making it the Purest CBD on the planet!

 PureForm CBD™ is produced with unmatched purity of 99.5%+ by using of a proprietary technique of assembling CBD molecules from citrus peels. Because it is not extracted like hemp-based CBD, PureForm CBD™ contains no residue or solvents and is chemically pure, stable, and consistent. Hemp CBD is extracted with oils and often contains residues that leave a strong and unpleasant taste, but PureForm CBD™ is odorless, tasteless, and completely bypasses the legal turmoil of other CBD.

PureForm  CBD™ has been certified by Clean Label Project, an independent product quality certification company and has attained the Pesticide Free Certification, Purity Award and THC Free Award. There are only a few CBD brands that have passed any of these tests, and PureForm CBD™ is now the only CBD product with all 3 of these certifications.

But wait… TUNE UP is “Nano-sized” too!

“Nano-sized” means that the CBD molecules are put through a nano-emulsification process in order to dramatically reduce their size — 50 to 100 times smaller than regular CBD molecules. This small particle size gives our PureForm CBD™ 4X better absorption… and this means you get 4X better results.

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Several Serious Athletes have said CBD is a “No Brainer”. Here what some people say:

PureForm CBD™ has been certified by the Clean Label Project, an independent product quality certification company. PureForm CBD™ has received the following 3 prestigious awards:

There are only a few CBD brands that have passed these tests, and PureForm CBD™ is now the only CBD product with all 3 of these certifications.