About Tune Up Energy

Our Mission

To produce 100% legal PERFORMANCE ENHANCING SUPPLEMENTS that help athletes improve their performance in competitive sports.

A Simple Concept

TUNE UP was conceived and developed by a collaboration of athletes who simply wanted to improve their overall performance in their competitive sports.

The concept was simple:

“If you TUNE UP your car before going in a race — as an athlete, why not TUNE UP your mind and your body before going in a competition?”

The concept may have been simple… but the accomplishment was not. 

Over 3 full years of experimenting, testing, and trials went into countless formulations and revisits to the drawing board to develop a product that could deliver the best results possible.

Realization of a Dream

In the end, the TUNE UP ENERGY GEL formulation exceeded even our loftiest expectations. It is a proprietary blend of the best PERFORMANCE ENHANCING SUPPLEMENTS that money can buy! We spared no expense in sourcing the most effective ingredients to deliver this revolutionary blend:

  • The purest CBD on the planet (PureForm CBD™)
  • No connection to hemp, cannabis, or THC – thus regulation free
  • The smallest size particles (“Nano-sized”) for the best absorption
  • 8 Top of the Line Adaptogens to enhance the “Tune Up” process

Interviewer: Good morning Dream House Nation. James Lewis of TDH. Joining us today from TUNE UP ENERGY is Robert Schmok. Robert, thank you for joining us today. 

TUNE UP: Thank you for having me on, James. 

Interviewer: Robert, could you tell our listeners what is TUNE UP ENERGY? 

TUNE UP: TUNE UP ENERGY is actually a trademarked name for a line of products we’re developing to help athletes… to help them TUNE UP their minds, TUNE UP their bodies and TUNE UP their game, whatever sport they play. So in the same way, if you were entering your car in a race, you would TUNE UP the engine, right? 

Interviewer: Of course! 

TUNE UP: For example, the carburetor, fuel injection, spark plugs, whatever. So if you’re an athlete entering a race or competition, you should, in the same way, TUNE UP your mind and your body to perform better. Right? 

Interviewer: It makes sense. 

TUNE UP: So that’s exactly what our products are designed to do. 

Interviewer: Nice. So how did it get started? 

TUNE UP: Well, I’m actually in the golf business (with a product called Laser Putt https://laserputt.com/ ), and a customer of mine sent me some samples of some products about three years ago. Quite frankly, I was a bit skeptical. Some of them had CBD in them but I tried them. After trying and seeing and actually feeling firsthand what they could do, I was astonished and convinced. So I decided to go full scale into researching and testing tons of different natural herbs and supplements in order to find an optimal, effective blend of ingredients to make up TUNE UP ENERGY GEL. That was about three years ago and we’ve done hundreds of trials and experiments using different formulas and ingredients. Now, finally, we’re ready to launch our first product, which is called TUNE UP ENERGY GEL. It’s a one ounce packet of delicious drinking gel with 40 milligrams of Citrus-Derived CBD and 1000 milligrams of ADAPTOGENS. 

Interviewer: Nice! So how can CBD and ADAPTOGENS help golfers?

TUNE UP: Well, we’ve got a simple equation CBD plus ADAPTOGENS equals Better Golf… or Better Sports Performance, right? And CBD is actually perfect for golfers because it reduces stress and anxiety by stimulating the binding receptors of serotonin, the happiness hormone. So actually, whenever you’re feeling stress, your body produces Cortisol, which is called the stress hormone – that’s why people get nervous and feel stressful. But by taking CBD, it interacts with the excretion of Cortisol, and then releases more Dopamine and Serotonin, which promote happiness and motivation. In the same vein as that, Adaptogens are a class of natural herbs that literally help your body adapt, like in the name, to physical surroundings. These are herbs and roots that have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic or Indian Healing Traditions. And they do this through stabilization of the physiological processes, promoting what they call homeostasis. So these are also designed to help reduce stress and anxiety to make you feel great and perform outstanding. 

Interviewer: Nice! Now, with this being for golfers now, originally I didn’t think golfers were athletes. And then I got to play golf the other day on a LPGA level course, and I found out, Oh, yeah, it is. It is. They are athletes because I was exhausted after doing that. I was definitely tested, and yeah, I thought oh this’ll be easy. Shoot, we got the carts and everything,  and I was still like, oh gosh, halfway through it I wanted to be done, but I’m like, no, I’m going to toughen it out. But oh, I was so tired. 

TUNE UP: Yeah, well, that’s one thing, even for younger golfers but especially for older golfers. Recovery can be a big problem. Actually, when I first tried CBD, I was very skeptical about taking it… but I couldn’t believe the clarity it gave me over my shots. In golf, if you have an inkling of a second thought in your swing, you can blow your shot. But when I took CBD, for every shot I just set back and pulled the trigger… perfect!  Also, I sort of know my own body, how I feel after walking and carrying my clubs for a full round of golf. I’m tired. I can’t wait to get my shoes off. But after this round of golf, I was raring to go! I could have played another round! After the game I drove back home and then started throwing the rugby ball around with my son and I was just so hyped up. I couldn’t believe it! I felt fantastic! So it’s really good for recovery as well. And that’s what really turned me into a very converted person about researching this. That’s why I really went into it and trying to develop a type of product for everyone. 

Interviewer: Everyone’s game. Now I know folks like me and you, we’re not professional athletes. No one’s going to drug test us or anything like that. The same with my folks who use CBD for pain relief… but what about those athletes that are worried about possibly having issues with drug test and CBD? 

TUNE UP: Yes. Well, this is one of the reasons, after doing a lot of research and trying many, many different types of CBD, we tested various CBD from Colorado, Kentucky, all over the place. We finally ended up with what they call a “Citrus-derived CBD”. And it’s amazing because it has got no relation to cannabis or hemp or THC. It’s derived from the Terpenes that are naturally present in the peels of citrus fruits. There’s a company called Pure Form that developed this. It’s actually a patented technology called Cyclic Terpene Assembly CTA, and they derived the CBD molecule from the Terpenes naturally present in citrus. So in the end you get a 99.5% pure product, but it’s completely free from all the legal and sourcing concerns that people might have with hemp-based CBD, and that’s important in particular for collegiate athletes. So “Citrus-derived CBD” is the main ingredient in our product. 

Interviewer: Nice! So it sounds like it’s one of the pure forms of CBD. 

TUNE UP: Yes, molecularly it’s exactly the same CBD molecule as the CBD molecule that comes from hemp plants. But it’s in its pure form it’s odorless and tasteless as opposed to sometimes you get a strong cannabis smell or taste from other CBD – and it’s perfectly free to use anywhere and you’re never going to fail a drug test, as opposed to many state regulations against certain hemp-derived CBD. Citrus CBD can be used nationwide, no problem. 

Interviewer: So how do you get CBD from citrus? 

TUNE UP: Well, again, it’s this proprietary technique. It’s called Cyclic Terpene Assembly. So Terpenes are present in all kinds of things. Terpenes give pine needles their aroma…. Terpense gives citrus fruits their citrus smell. It even gives lavender its healing effects and calming effects. So they just basically assemble the molecular structure of these present Terpenes to reconstruct a perfectly 100% identical CBD molecule, and they only use the citrus peels. So that’s another benefit of this type of citrus-derived CBD is we’re repurposing already present products from citrus farms. Cannabis farming, on the other hand, is very resource intensive. They say it can use up to 1 million gallons of water per acre. So citrus CBD is much more friendly to the environment. 

Interviewer: Yeah, because they can take the orange peels that they were not going to use at all. They were going to throw them away, I guess, from orange juice mills and things like that. And they can use that. Yeah. Okay. Well that’s good. Also, I understand the oranges that you use don’t contain any pesticides or bio-toxins or GMOs. 

TUNE UP: That’s right. There’s actually a company that’s done some extensive testing on products, including the PureForm product. It’s called the Clean Label Project, and they have gotten three awards – PureForm CBD. One is the “Purity Award”, one is “Pesticide Free Certification” and another one is the “THC Free Award”. So this is all a very good environmental kind of story. It uses less than 100th the relative CO2 emissions of regular hemp farming, much less water and the energy to produce it. So it has a very eco-friendly, you know, ecological footprint for making this. 

Interviewer: So it’s better for your customers and better for the environment. 

TUNE UP: Exactly. One thing I must add to all this, it actually took us a couple of years before we eventually found this and did the research on it. And the actual source, the raw product itself is about three and one half times more expensive than regular hemp CBD, which is all over the place. But, you know, this is my philosophy of doing a lot of things. If I want to do something, I want to do it right. I want to do the best I can, and particularly when delivering a product to a customer. I want that to be the best performing product that we can get our hands on because that’s essentially what’s going to pay dividends down the road. So that’s our whole philosophy in doing things. 

Interviewer: Nice! So it sounds like originally the product is designed for golfers and other athletes, but it sounds like there’s a lot of benefits to people of all ages and backgrounds.

TUNE UP: That’s right. Initially I’m going to be launching it in the golfing market because I’ve got a background there, a customer base, but it can be applied to all other athletes as well. My son plays collegiate rugby actually overseas and I’m keen to get him as teammates going on it too. But one other feature, James, I should mention about the product is that we’ve put it through what they call a Nano emulsion process to make it “Nano-sized”. So with regular CBD, the size of the actual molecule is 1000 to 2000 nanometers in diameter. We put ours through a Nano emulsion process, so it comes out at about 10 to 50 nanometers. So it’s basically 50 to 100 times smaller than regular CBD. Now why is that important? It’s because to make it water soluble. If it’s a much smaller particle, it can be absorbed faster and more completely into your system. And that’s the whole idea is to get a bigger “bang for your buck”, so to speak. You know, even on our website, we’ve got a chart showing the absorption rate… They gave people two different types of CBD, ten milligrams of CBD. One was a non-water-soluble CBD and then a water-soluble one. For the ten milligram serving of regular CBD, the people absorbed 0.6 milligrams after 90 minutes… but the water-soluble CBD, they absorbed eight milligrams. So 0.6 compared to 8.0 is like a 12 or 13 TIMES BETTER ABSORPTION RATE. So you’re just getting a bigger “bang for your buck” in terms of how much CBD you are absorbing. Our product is basically a one ounce shot. In a one ounce gel shot packet there’s 40 milligrams of citrus derived CBD. So you’re getting a lot of value there. You know, that’s the whole point, is to make it do something for people. 

Interviewer: Exactly. So it sounds like it’s very beneficial all the way around for your future clients that I mean, it sounds like with the focus and the calmness and just I mean, there’s a lot of really great benefits physically and emotionally. 

TUNE UP: Yes, exactly, and the main thing is to make people perform better. I mean that’s the whole key is to increase your FOCUS, increase your ENERGY and increase your PERFORMANCE. Because when you’re playing any sport, when you’re competing, it all comes down to pulling off the shots, or the whatever the play is for the sport you’re playing, when the pressure’s on. And yeah, this is why it really helps in all those areas. It’s like tuning up your car, right? You make it perform the best it can. 

Interviewer: Sounds great. Robert, it’s been a pleasure having you on the show. Before we let you go, where on social media, where on the web, where can we find out more about TUNE UP? 

TUNE UP: Our website is TuneUp-Energy.com  So it’s just the regular spelling of TUNE UP. We had to put a dash in there because I think a car company has got the other tune up dot com. So TUNE UP then you’ve got to put a dash ENERGY dot com. Twitter and Facebook will just be TUNE UP ENERGY. That’s the name of our company and that’s the name of our brand — TUNE UP ENERGY GEL is our new product. And we’re really excited about it. It’s going to help people to get TUNE UP. We say our Slogan Mark is: 

TUNE UP your Mind…

TUNE UP your Body… 

TUNE UP your Game!

So I would love it if people eventually use the slogan in the common vernacular of saying, you know, are you TUNED UP today? Ready for the game, right? You’ve got to TUNE yourself UP. Are you TUNED UP? So hopefully that will work itself into the lexicon. 

Interviewer: Sounds great. It’s been a pleasure having you on the show today.

TUNE UP: My pleasure. Thanks so much, James.